List of Works

List of works, grouped in order of date composed, most recent first. See below for recordings.


The Lord is our refuge         SATB         4'

Commissioned by Emmanuel College Cambridge under the direction of Peter Foggitt, this piece sets vivid imagery of Psalm 46.


For The Fallen         SATB         6'

Commissioned by Fulham Camerata and their director Harry Castle, For The Fallen poignantly remembers those who died in the world wars.

A HAlf Remembered Gesture         SSATBB+electronics         20'

This piece was a collaboration with Yanwen Xeng and Darren Johnson to produce an immersive installation featuring singers, one dancer and electronic sound. The installation received it’s first performances in July of this year.

Ed e subito Sera         SATB         3'

This piece was commissioned by Fulham Camerata and completes ‘Life Cycle’, a set of short choral works. The piece uses aleatoricism to create imagery inspired by the poetry of Salvador Quasimodo.

Night prayer, compline renewed         SSAATTBB         45'

Commissioned by The London Contemporary Festival of Church Music for it’s first performance within the festival from Greg Skidmore and the Lacock Scholars. Night Prayer sets the service of compline to a through-flowing soundscape that experiments with words, form and the human voice.

The short walk of a madman         SSAATTBB         30'

A work in four movements for eight solo voices. This piece sets four poems by E E Cummings alongside a number of other texts. It explores issues relating to loneliness, madness, journeying and migration.



Sometime I Sigh            SATB (divisi solos)            4’

This choral work set the poetry of Thomas Wyatt. Written for the wedding of Christiano Atillo Lombardo to Bruce McKelvany it was premiered in St Martin in the Fields, London in 2017. It sets the text simply using the antiphonal effects of a far off solo quartet.

It could have been            Soprano, marimba            14’

This song was commissioned by Ana Beard Fernandez for world premiere in the York Late Music Festival. Setting the poem of the same name by Clare Shaw its subject matter is concerning the dark and currently pertinent dilemma of the lives of civilian children in Syria. Full programme notes can be found here. 

Holy City                SATBSATB                6’

Holy City was commissioned by the choir of the Chapel Royal within The Tower of London. It sets the text most famously used by William Byrd ‘Civitas Sancti’. Full programme notes on request.

Elegy to John King            SATB, Sop solo            5’30’’

This simple choral piece plays with folk like themes to set a poignant poem by seventeenth century priest Henry King on the death of his father (John King).

Sing Lullaby               SATB            4'30''

A Christmas carol, using a simple lullaby theme to set a traditional text.

Stars May Fall                Baritone, piano            3’

This song was commissioned by Baritone Greg Skidmore for recital in Canada. (Pending premiere)



The Turn                SSATBarB                45’

The Turn was commissioned by Robert Jacobs and ‘Reverie Choir’ and has since been performed on numerous occasions and commercially recorded by ‘The Fieri Consort’. The piece is designed to be performed with sections of Monteverdi’s Lamento D’Arianna interspersed between it’s four movements. It extends the narrative and changes the perspective of Monteverdi’s famous lament, and in doing so explores new musical concepts focussed around movement of sound over distance.

Songs of Sehnsucht            Bass-Baritone, piano            11’

This Song Cycle was written for Bass Baritone Michael Mofidian and commissioned by Ensemble XY. The cycle explores the theme of ‘Sehnsucht’ and the various was in which this almost indescribable feeling can manifest itself setting poetry by Walt Whitman, ee cummings and others. 

O Llama de Amor Viva        SSAATTBB                5’

Inspired by plainsong found in the manuscripts of the monasteries that line the famous Pilgrimage to Santiago in northern Spain, this piece grows out of its formal religious context into a setting of contemporary Spanish love poetry. Musically, the piece reflects these two different worlds with more rigorous and formal canonic writing setting the text of the plainsong which is then broken down into apparently more free and expressive lines and textures. 

A Closed Garden            SSATBarB                4’ 

A setting of various texts from the Song of Songs. This piece is written for six solo voices and reflects the fascinating imagery and undeniable sexual tension found within these texts.

A Night of Snow            SSATBarB                8’

Whilst one soprano sings a solo line directly taken from the work of Tarquinio Merula (Hor Che Tempo), the other six voices weave around it, slowly building and overtaking the soprano melody with words first set by Poulenc - Paul Eluard’s ‘Un Soir De Neige’.


2007 - 2015

Libera Nos I; SATB x3, 7’

In The Beginning; SATB (divi), 6’

A Hymn of the Nativity; SSAATTBB, tenor solo, 6’30’’ 

Prayer of St Alcuin; SATB (divi) + Sop duet, 5’

The Pilgrim’s Progress; SSATB, 4’

Come Holy Spirit; SSAATTBB + Sop duet, 4’30’’

Christ is the Morning Star; SATBSATB, 4’ 

O Lord Arise; SSAATTBB + Sop duet, 4’

Christus - Passiontide Sequence; Chorus, Semi Chorus, String Orch, 45’

The Full Heart; Chamber Orchestra, chorus, 20’

Christe Qui Lux; ATTB, 4’

Swallows; SSAATTBB, 3’30’’

The Evening Watch; SSAATTBB + Sop solo, 5’

Blessed be that Maid Marie; SATB, 3’30’’

Tallis Fantasia; SATB, viol consort, 8’

Do Not Go Gentle; SSAATTBB, 5’

Unto Dust; SS(divi)AATTBB, 4’30’’

O God of Feast and Festival; SATB (Hymn), n/a

The Bacchae (live theatre Soundtrack); String quartet + SATB, 40’

Where is Thy God;  SSATB, 4’30’’

Tonality and Variation; Piano, 6’

Dr Faustus (Live theatre Soundtrack); SATB, 25’

It is a thing most wonderful; SSSAATTBB, 7’30’’

Documentary (Soundtrack, M&S); Piano, 10’

Matins Responsory; SSATB (+SSATB quartet), 5’30’’

Of the Stem of Jesse; SSAATTBB, 5’

There is no Rose; SSATB, 4’30’’



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